Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Free Jet.com Membership

Are you wondering what happened to online price-monitoring tool Hukkster.com? The site was a helpful tracking tool that sent updates when products went on sale. Hukkster went offline in August, 2014, but something new is in the air!

Jet.com has acquired the technology, and is set to launch later in 2015. For a limited time, Jet is offering a number of freebies, including a minimum free 6-month membership.

Get your free 6-month membership now.

What's new and different about the Jet.com service?

Jet.com is a members-only online shopping club that aims to compete with Amazon.com for the lowest prices on millions of items. Since the service is new, they are offering a free membership for a limited amount of time.

NOTE: the 6-month membership is only available for a limited time. After that, Jet.com may offer complimentary access to the site so that new users can test the offerings, but we don't know what the terms will be.

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