Friday, April 29, 2011

What's up with 1-800-Contacts? Do They Have Coupons?

Many online sites that sell contact lenses have free shipping and/or an extra coupon discount. is one of the sites that has free shipping, but almost never has an additional coupon offer.

Another top contact lens site is Coastal Contacts. Let's see how prices compare after any free shipping and coupon offers are applied:

Product: 1-Day Acuvue 30 pack 12 BOX ORDER (6 Month Supply)

1800contacts total price (with shipping) after savings:
$335.88 ($27.99 / Box) with Free Shipping

Coastal Contacts total price (with shipping) after savings:
$278.64 ($22.49 / Box) with $10 off and Free Shipping code (note: they still charge a Handling & Insurance fee)

Coastal Contacts is the clear winner in this scenario, with their total price beating 1800contacts by $57.24, or 20.54% - wow!

Pick up the current Coastal Contacts coupon codes for extra savings on your contact lens order. Enjoy!

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